Differences between the mattress cover, and the dirt trap:

The base of a waterbed consists of a bed platform and a water mattress. What you add to your water mattress afterward is what determines how long you can enjoy the quality of your bed. That’s why different parts are available to protect your water mattress.

Everything you need to know about the mattress cover

What is a reference?

A cover is a top layer that you place on your water mattress.

What is the function of the mattress cover?

The Best Mattress cover absorbs the moisture that you lose at night through sweating.

What cover do I need for my waterbed?

When purchasing a full waterbed, the Wash Cotton Stretch Cover is supplied as standard. However, we recommend that you choose the luxury climate double-cloth cover for an extra charge. The thicker the cover, the better. The luxury climate double mattress cover is twice as thick as the wash cotton stretch mattress cover. As a result, moisture is absorbed faster and more easily released into the air. In addition, the luxury climate double sheet mattress cover is softer and equipped with an anti-allergic and mold-repellent coating.

What is the difference between the mattress cover and the dirt trap?

The material of the dirt trap foil is composed in such a way that the small salt particles which are produced by transpiration cannot pass through the dirt trap foil onto the water mattress. Your water mattress is thus optimally protected. The cover has larger “pores” that are permeable to air, but also permeable to dirt. By contrast, the pores of the dirt trap film are so small that air, but no dirt, can penetrate through them. The dirt trap film is, therefore, an important addition to your mattress cover.

What is the difference between the mattress cover and the Molten?

The most important function of the cover (and the dirt trap foil) is the protection of your water mattress. The cover ensures that less dust, transpiration moisture, and other dirt get on your mattress. In addition, the cover has a ventilation function: The layer absorbs moisture easily and releases it to the air. The Molten is a complementary layer that provides extra moisture absorption and makes your sleeping surface even more comfortable thanks to the soft cotton.