Remove the waterbed in 4 steps:

Step 1: turn off the heater

Dismantling your waterbed starts with the heating off. This is an important point. If you forget to switch off the heating, this measures the room temperature. This is probably lower than the temperature you have set for your waterbed, so the waterbed heater will heat at full power to reach the measured temperature.

Step 2: Empty the water mattress

For a duo system (a waterbed with two mattresses), we recommend emptying both mattresses at the same time. If this is not possible, then make sure that enough water is pumped out of both water mattresses before you completely empty the water mattresses.

  • If not enough water is pumped out of the water mattress,
  • the mats in the mattress can move;
  • The water mattress is too heavy to lift safely out of the waterbed.

If the mats in Thebest-mattress get room to move, the stabilization layer in your water mattress may be damaged. This damage cannot be repaired and that means you need to purchase a new mattress. For this reason, and because a filled water mattress is very heavy, it is important to make sure that your water mattress is well drained.

For emptying your water mattress you need a water pump. You can rent this pump at the hardware store. We have written a blog about emptying a water mattress in the past.

After emptying the water mattress, push the plug into the opening. These can be found under the screw cap. Then, as quickly as possible, screw the closure onto the opening of the mattress so that no air can be sucked in.

Step 3: Fold the water mattress together

Fold the water mattress together with a maximum of three times and lift it out of the waterbed. Then wrap the mattress in blankets. Now you can transport the mattress safely. Here you can read more about changing with a waterbed.

Step 4: Remove safety foil and foam frame

The next step is removing the security foil. Detach these from the foam frame and fold the film together. Then remove the screws from the laths of the foam frame so you can lift the foam frame off the floor.